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Jackbox Party Pack 6 will pack elderly assistance, more murder mystery

Jack's back

I may not know jack but I do at least know Jackbox Games are coming back with another Party Pack of local multiplayer party games. They recently announced The Jackbox Party Pack 6, which will bring a sequel to the Party Pack 3's Trivia Murder Party along with something named Everybody Help Grandma plus more yet-to-be-announced games. I'll a number of those games involve coming up with silly and rude answers in response to prompts then having everyone vote on the winner, which has worked pretty well so far.

Jackbox say that Trivia Murder Party 2 "is the most frequently requested sequel of all the Party Pack games," and here it comes. They're a bit vague about what's different but talk about new mini-games, new ways to die, and of course new questions. Story-wise, they say "the serial killer host has moved back into his childhood home, a Murder Hotel that his family has run (and killed people in) for generations," hence this exciting holiday advert:

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The other confirmed game, Everybody Help Grandma, is a big ol' mystery right now. I mean, this video explains it's about doing tasks to help your grandmother but... who knows?

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They revealed that one on April 1st so it could be a prank but it would fit seamlessly into the lineup of Jackbox Games games.

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is due to launch this autumn.

While the Party Packs are set up to be played in the same room, with one main screen displaying the overview then everyone inputting their answers through a website on their laptop or phone or tablet or phablet, they also work just peachy over the Internet with Skype screen sharing or such. Recent Packs have built-in Twitch support for votes too, so viewers can join in you're a streamy streamer.

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