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Jackbox Party Pack 7 bringing more daft party games in October

From nonsensical presentations to more Quiplash

Jackbox Games have announced a release date of October 15th for The Jackbox Party Pack 7, their latest collection of daft multiplayer party games. It'll bring back an old favourite with Quiplash 3, as well as debut four brand new games involving everything from giving rambling talks to drawing characters who battle each other. Jackbox has become a fairly frequent part of social cybernights during these lockdown days, so some fresh games (and fresh Quiplash prompts) sounds grand.

Once again, Jackbox have made more party games that broadly involve doing writing or drawing in response to prompts - decided partially by skill but also, y'know, being funny. Blather 'Round has you vaguely describe things for people to guess. Talking Points is a team game where one player has to give a speech assisted by an assistant queuing up slides you have not seen before. Champ'd Up has players draw characters to fight over unlikely titles. The Devil And The Details makes everyone a family of Satans trying to live a regular human life by completing tasks (doing minigames). And Quiplash 3 is y'know more Quiplash, having players go head-to-head giving funny answers to prompts.

The Party Packs were originally made to be played with folks in the same room, but you can play 'em just fine with screensharing over Discord, Skype, Zoom, and all that. It also lets you open up rooms to viewers who can vote on the winners.

The release date announcement came ahead of the 'Jackbox Party PAX' panel that traditionally would've happened in-person at the games show run by our corporate siblings, but instead happened online as part of crossover mega-event PAX X EGX. (We're doing things at PAX X EGX too.) Here's the archived stream of that, showing off Quiplash 3, Talking Points, and Champ'd Up:

Watch on YouTube

To see more of each game, check out Jackbox's previous streams.

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is coming to Steam on the 15th of October, priced at £24/€25/$30. (I'd say never to pre-order, but you probably already know if you're getting it so I will note that a 10% pre-order discount makes it cheaper for now.) It'll also be on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and stuff.

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