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Jackbox Party Pack free on Epic Games Store right now

P. A. R. T. Y? Because it's free

The latest freebie from Epic Games in their attempt to demonstrate that there's more to their new store than Fortnite is The Jackbox Party Pack, a brillo bundle of silly party games from the makers of You Don't Know Jack. For the next fortnight, nab it and you'll have it for keepsies on your Epic account. While Jackbox make the Party Pack games for people playing in the same room, everyone using phones or laptops or tablets to enter their answers and such through a website, you can also use screen sharing to play online while giggling with your cyberpals.

Jackbox are up to their fifth Party Pack now, introducing new games and sequels along the way, but there's still a lot of life in this first one. Not just because of the daft drawing hell of Drawful. But largely because of Drawful. It's Pictionary for crack-ups who think making jokes about your wonky attempt to draw something weird is just as important as trying to guess what it actually is; they are correct. The Jackbox games aren't all great but doing stuff with pals makes everything better, yeah?

Hit the Epic Games Store by February 7th to grab the Jackbox Party Pack free. Yep, you'll need Epic's client to download it. The regular full price £19 so that's a tidy little gift.

The next free game, from February 7-21, will be glitchtastic metroidvania Axiom Verge.

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