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Don't You Know? The Jackbox Party Pack Released

You Don't Know Jack and more

Wherever you are, there's the party. Go on, smile a little. There's your party. Now move an appropriate body part in time to an imagined beat or, for advanced partiers, with an imagined rhythm. Things are heating up! You're fun, you are. You are great. You are wild. You are the party. If you want other people to feel the fun, though, you might want a little extra to ease those grumps into the party. The Jackbox Party Pack might help with that. Released last week, it's a big bundle of silly party games from the You Don't Know Jack folks, including the latest YDKJ quiz 'em up, lie 'em up Fibbage, scrawl 'em up Drawful, and others.

So, here's what the Party brings: You Don't Know Jack, the silly quiz game with a haughty host; Fibbage XL, a silly quiz game where players provide lies as smokescreen answers; Drawful, a silly draw-o-guessing game; silly fill-in-the-blank 'em up Word Spud; and silly fly-swatting quiz Lie Swatter. It's a big bundle of ports, basically, but I've heard several of these are particularly splendid. I fondly recall playing YDKJ with pals years ago too.

Control is a bit weird, or maybe a bit great. Each person plays on their own phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever Internet-y things they have at hand, as control runs through the game's website so there's no awkward shuffling around to share or screencheating. They're made for local multiplayer parties, but you can turn them global by e.g. using Skype screen-sharing.

The Party Pack will usually cost £18.99, but is down to £17.09 on Steam in the sale.

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