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Jackbox Party Pack 7 quips, fights, and blathers its way out today

Jack is back with another Party Pack

Who is Jack, anyway? And why, once again, has he delivered another box of play-on-your-phone party games for us to scream and laugh and have a merry old time with? While I still don't know Jack (geddit?), I do know that his latest batch of games has arrived on Steam, with The Jackbox Party Pack 7 bringing us a fresh batch of 5 new excuses to laugh, cry and curse at our mates all over again.

As before, so it goes - The Jackbox Party Pack returns with 5 new games, each playable on any device that lets you plug into the internet and draw on its screen.

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Headlining the pack is Quiplash 3, the third iteration of the fan-favourite prompt-driven punchline generator that arrives in a soft, claymation flavour this year. The standout, however, looks to be draw 'em up fighting game Champ'd Up. Akin to something like Superfight, it looks like you'll each draw your own fighter and then be paired up in different arenas, with the rest of the party voting on who they think would come out on top.

The rest of the pack seems fine enough. Talking Points has you all putting together impromptu TED talks on whatever nonsense the game barfs up. The Devil's In The Details, meanwhile, is hard to get a grasp on. Some kind of collaborative, Wario Ware-eque minigame collection framed around a family of demons? I'm sure it'll make perfect sense in play. Finally, there's "pop culture guessing game" Blather 'Round, which I'm already calling as the duff one of the bunch. There's always one, right, and it's almost always the one that relies on general knowledge. Soz, but I'm right.

I've never actually tried a Jackbox session online. I know it probably works fine, especially with all the crowd support offered up for larger, Twitch-streamed audiences, but this has always been a series about shouting over other folks in a cramped Dundee flat. For me, at least. Others might call it the best quarantine game in a Supporter post.

If you've got a big Discord party lined up, The Jackbox Party Pack 7 can be picked up on Steam for £21.41/€22.49/$26.99.

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