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Jagged Alliance Is Back In Action Again, With Crossfire

There are too many Jagged Alliances all at once! Two! I can barely cope with two of anything, my arms constantly getting tangled as I try to do simple tasks like combing a pony. But be told that Jagged Alliance: Crossfire has nothing to do with Jagged Alliance: Online. Well, not nothing, but you know what I mean. It is, in fact, an EXPANDALONE! to Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, the delayed reboot of the formerly turn-based series. And it has a release date: September. Okay, it has a release month.

Adam wasn't overly impressed when Back In Action finally appeared in February. But maybe this will be an improvement? It's interesting that it's not an expansion that requires the original game, so clearly they're hoping to pick up new people here. Crossfire will have "all new maps, mercs and missions", this time in the fictional nation of Khanpaa (although I'm sure I saw them appear during the Olympic opening ceremony).

You'll be part of one of those deeply disturbing private military corps, helping out the oppressed peoples of Khanpaa after the UN have turned their back, which will make up a 15 hour campaign. Who knows if this will be an improvement over the last one at this point - they do describe Missing In Action as a "hit" in their recent press release. So we'll see.

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