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Where Time Becomes A Loop: Moebius Demo Released

Jane Jensen's latest adventure game

Our John certainly enjoyed Jane Jensen's Moebius when he got to play it last year, but how has the adventure game changed over the last eight months? And do you truly trust John anyway? You can test both Moebius and your gamepatibility with John through a demo for Jensen's new point-and-clicker, available now for Windows and Mac.

Moebius follows Jensen's usual interests--murder, conspiracy, and supernatural strangeness--with a tale of an antiques expert solving mysteries, dabbling in the arcane, and dodging assassins. Where else will you find a chap with a name as absurd as Malachi Rector? Malachi Rector, sales account manager! Malachi Rector, bus conductor! Malachi Rector, Slimelight DJ! Oh, maybe that last one.

It's developed by Phoenix Online and overseen by Jensen's studio Pinkerton Road, the first spawn of her 2012 Kickstarter. With Jensen serving as writer, designer, and creative director, she's supposedly more involved than with the recent so-so Grey Matter and Cognition.

The full game's due on April 15. Look, here's the sort of stuff we can expect from it:

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