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Join The DotAs: Ring Runner: Space Defense League

A previous attempt at describing space shooter Ring Runner ended up with my keyboard being taken away from me. It was for my own good: the game is basically every game ever bundled up into a top-down shoooter. After entering the third day of describing it, the RPS CMS worriedly informed the authorities: I was gently removed from my seat, my hands clawed and my eyes locked open, and Adam took my place. I got better, so I'm allowed to tell you that Ring Runner expanding with a free a DotA-inspired mode. Ring Runner: Space Defense League will be free to everyone who bought the original, but it'll also be released as a standalone paid-for game as well.

It makes sense. The big thing about RR was the ship customisation. It ran the gamut of obvious space ships blasting lasers into the void, and into ridiculous builds that fire space boomerangs. There are hundreds of possible combinations, which can easily be the heroes of the new mode. So with those in place, and giant space stations, AI drones, and turrets to fight co-operatively, it's not a big sea change to rearrange it all into a DotA/MOBA thing.

Of course, the question then is why you'd want to attempt to make a noise in an already loud genre, but Space Defense League does appear to be bringing a few new tricks to the lane-pushers. The free expansion is out now, and the standalone will be out in a "few weeks". Oh, and they'd like to be on Steam.

Here's a trailer.

And here's how to play.

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