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Jurassic World Evolution hatches on June 12th

You're gonna hear me roar

After building rollercoasters in Planet Coaster, the next park management game from Frontier Developments will focus on the wildest ride of all: life. Today they announced that Jurassic World Evolution will launch on June 12, days after the next movie comes out. Evolution will have players build their own tropical dinoparks, trying to keep tourists happy so your business turns a profit while keeping dinosaurs happy so they don't break out and devour tourists. Life, I'm sure Jeff Goldblum will remind us in his role as the in-game advisor, finds a way. For now, have a watch of 20 minutes of gameplay:

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That's certainly prettier than I was expecting.

This is very much a Jurassic World game rather than a Jurassic Park one because, once you've got things rolling, you'll be able to "bioengineer" new dinosaurs. And hopefully name them after your mates.

When those dinosaurs do break out and start devouring tourists, I believe players should suffer consequences. When a park fails in the movies, the chain shuts down for a few years then pops up with a change of management and a new name; the game should do the same. Take a hint from Robert Yang's spanking game Hurt Me Plenty and lock the game so players cannot open a new park until the heat has cooled off.

"Alice," I'm sure you're thinking, "locking players out of a game that costs forty-five chuffing pounds because some imaginary tourists died is nothing - let's see real consequences." I hear your thoughts, ever since The Accident, and I agree with you. That's why those forty-five chuffing pounds should also get you a peripheral to simulate a dinosaur attack. Resembling a coffee can full of mechanised knives, it will take an unknown quantity of flesh and/or blood and leave a cool-ass scar bound to impress the babes as you explain "Yeah, got that sucker after a raptor jumped the fence."

Jurassic World Evolution will cost £45/€55/$55 when it hits Steam on June 12.

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