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Jurassic World Evolution will feature Jeff Goldblum

But, uh, well there it is

What d’you think the greatest gift of the holidays is? Dinosaurs? I’d say dinosaurs. And so would Frontier, who are making the upcoming dino safari simulator Jurassic World Evolution. We’ve not seen much of the Planet Coaster developer’s pre-historic theme park sim but today they’ve at least narrowed down their release from “Summer” to June 2018 (which makes sense considering the next Jurassic World movie is due out June 22). Alongside this, they’ve revealed that Jeff Goldblum will feature in the game as leathery mathematician Dr Ian Malcolm. But, uh, well there it is.

Here he is, telling you what I just told you but in a nicer voice.

Exactly, exactly how much of his, uh, stop and start, um, voice act-ing, will be in theee... [briefly bites lip] game – we don’t know [clicks finger], we don’t know. But Frontier says: "Dr. Ian Malcolm guides players through the moral choices and tactical decisions that will test their building and management skills as they attempt to successfully run their own Jurassic World."

By the sounds of that, he might just be a tutorial narrator. But who knows. Maybe he’ll pop up and give you tool tips. I’m certain at some point he’ll encourage the player to turn off their computer and leave the house.

Like I say, Frontier haven’t revealed what the day-to-day park management will look like, but they have said you'll be bioengineering dinos and striking a balance between security, science and entertainment. We've also seen some sleeping in-engine dinos and a CGI trailer. As for Frontier's efforts, Fraser praised the studio's previous theme park sim in his Planet Coaster review, even if Pip, Alice and Adam scolded it for having rubbish tutorials.

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