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Jurassic World Evolution is free on the Epic Store right now

Breaking free once again

A new year has arrived, which mostly means that life will continue finding a way in a similar fashion to the year before. That includes the weekly free Epic Games Store offerings where you can currently find dino park maker Jurassic World Evolution free until Thursday. It's not the best dino game or the best Frontier Developments game either, honestly, but it sure does have big, stompy dinos to play with if that's your lane.

RPS's Jurassic World Evolution review says that the management and customisation are a bit of a disappointment, but the dinos are a bright spot. A T.Rex won't tolerate other dinos sharing their enclosure, even another T.Rex. The Diplodocus, meanwhile, enjoys having pals around and doesn't mind coexisting with other small dinos. Hopping into a car or helicopter to check them out seems like one of the game's highlights.

"The quality and range of animation is exceptional, especially in a management sim where you’re mostly getting a bird’s eye view," Fraser Brown says. "Dinosaurs within the same family or suborder, like the Velociraptor, Deinonychus and Dilophosaurus (that’s the one that killed poor Dennis Nedry), can look quite similar and share traits, but even then there are noticeable differences. The Dilophosaurus retains its spitting attack and colourful frills from Jurassic Park, for instance, which it loves to show off."

After their flurry of daily freebies over the holidays, Epic have returned to the weekly schedule for their free game offerings. That means you've got until this Thursday, January 7th to snag Jurassic World Evolution on Epic, at which point it will be replaced by tactical space game Crying Suns.

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