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Neon Chrome devs announce Dredd 'em up Jydge

Dystopian destruction

The makers of Neon Chrome have announced a new roguelikelike top-down shooter set in the same world. It's name Jydge [official site], though developers 10tons style the name as JYDGE so the Y looks a bit like a U as if it's 2012 all over again. Jydge is a futurecop shooter where we get to build and upgrade our own cyborg cops to dispense deadly dystopian justice across the megacity of Edenbyrg. Judge Dredd meets Robocop meets, well, Neon Chrome. Check out the announcement trailer:

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That looks fun, that. As you can see, we'll get to customise our Jydge with different perks and massively change how our gun, the gavel, works. As you might hope for in a roguelikelike, the variety of possibilities sounds great. 10tons suggest:

"Use stealth augmentations to sneak silently in shadows. Make yourself giant and hurl perps around. Make yourself tiny and fit through smaller cracks. Or combine augmentations: make yourself a tiny giant. Up to you."

The variety in levels sounds good too, with loads of different missions and secondary challenges.

"For example, a level's primary mission might be to deal with a gang of bank robbers. Secondary challenges might include rescuing all hostages, completing the level in less than 30 seconds, and completing the primary mission without being seen.

"Completing missions and secondary challenges awards medals, which in turn unlock new cybernetic enhancements, weapon modifications, special weapons, missions, and more."

10tons plan to launch Jydge this autumn. First, they're trying to get through Steam Greenlight. 10tons are also working on slo-mo kill-chaining shooter Time Recoil. They are making some exciting-looking video games.

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