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Katharine is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

And thank you for all the words

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We hired Katharine back in 2017 as our first full-time hardware writer, having been impressed by her rare talent for writing about tech in an approachable way. It quickly became obvious that Katharine's skills stretched beyond just hardware and in 2021 she became editor-in-chief, responsible for running the entire site.

Now, sadly, she is departing RPS for a new adventure. Come say thank you and farewell.

For the past three years, Katharine has been the driving force behind Rock Paper Shotgun. That includes launching series like The RPS 100, the Time Capsules, the Game Club, the Bestest Best Readers' Editions, and many more, while supporting the team in the expansion of podcasts, Indiescovery, the return to a fully remote team, and yet still much more.

That work as editor and manager was done on top of personally writing 93 reviews and over 250 features since becoming editor-in-chief. That's a frankly daft amount of work to do while also managing a team of people and preparing plans and penning reports for the likes of me. It's a level of productivity that speaks to Katharine's undying love of games, of games journalism, and her commitment to Rock Paper Shotgun being a home for high quality writing where people can discover new things to play.

It should therefore go without saying that her departure is a huge loss for the site. I'm going to miss her energy, her dedication, and reading RPS for her advocacy of interesting games and deep knowledge of Final Fantasy.

I remain confident that the team Katharine helped build can pick up the mantle (of everything aside from possibly the deep Final Fantasy knowledge). I'll also be returning to the role of editor-in-chief on an interim basis, alongside my other duties, to keep things ticking over while we recruit a new, full-time editor-in-chief.

In the meantime, please join me in saying thank you to Katharine for her work over the past seven years, and in wishing her well in her new adventure. She's not going far - thank goodness - and will be popping up elsewhere within Gamer Network soon.

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