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Say hello to Katharine Byrne, our hardware editor

The hivemind grows stronger! After years of wishing we could expand our hardware coverage, we've finally found the perfect person to help us do it. Katharine Byrne joins us with years of experience and has already set about writing guides, reviews, and educating the RPS team about what all the bits of plastic inside their computer boxes do. Come and share your best welcomes in the comments below.

Katharine joins us from MCV where she was news editor and prior to that spent years writing about hardware for Expert Reviews. As RPS's first hardware editor, Katharine will be writing and editing words about all the plastic bits in and around PCs, with a focus on clear, expert advice that doesn't break down into an incoherent jumble of graphs and jargon.

Like Matt, Katharine has already been writing for the site over the past month, producing reviews of monitors, keyboards and headsets in that time, and there'll be plenty more to follow in the weeks and months ahead.

You can read about all of Rock Paper Shotgun's beautiful writers on our about page, including Adam, Alec, Alice, Brendan, Graham and John. But not Matt or Katharine because Graham still hasn't got around to adding them yet. Give him a minute.

Say hello to Katharine!

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