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Horror Anthology Lakeview Cabin Collection's New Ep

Are you afraid of the dark?

Lakeview Cabin Collection is a fascinating thing, an episodic sandbox action-puzzler with oodles of items to use in many ways and ultimately only one puzzle: "How can I stop horror movie slashers from stabbing me to bits and wearing my face?" I'm very bad at it, but I do enjoy poking around, getting drunk, finding weapons, and trying to set unlikely traps before I'm brutally murdered.

This being Weird Week, Lakeview Cabin Collection of course has something to offer us. Lakeview Cabin V came out yesterday, with something spooky stalking suburbia.

This episode's inspired by films like Halloween, Hellraiser, and Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as classic Sierra adventure games. I've only played a little so far (I had one character fall off the roof of her house, showering her waiting boyfriend below with viscera), but it seems pretty different. Creator Roope Tamminen explains:

"This time the Lakeview Cabin series takes a mysterious turn. An unkillable evil is stalking the teens in a quiet suburban neighborhood. It is up to you to get rid of the curse and find out what is happening by solving a series of obscure puzzles. Do you have what it takes?"

The answer is no, I do not, but I will happily die trying. Have a look:

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Tamminen has also started bringing Lakeview Cabin Collection from Unity 4 to version 5 of the engine, which he says "should fix the the audio problems some people have experienced and improve performance." Unity 4 is still the default version while he fixes a few problems, but you can switch by going into the game's properties on Steam and poking at the Betas tab.

Lakeview Cabin Collection is also on sale for a few days too, down to £5.24 on Steam.

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