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Lara's Killing Gods

The last time Tomb Raider Underworld news came up, I found myself going off on my rant about how stupid people are for not being excited about a consistently excellent game series (apart from that one), that's only getting better with each new release.

My frustrations haven't waned. I'm seeing a couple of current mags writing previews of Underworld, saying it looks good, but they're getting tired of the games now. Tired of an ever-improving, top-notch platforming series with a stupendous cast, excellent writing, and the best acrobatic fun available? Then you're not a gamer! Bah! Anyway, in the trailer below, Underworld looks bloody excellent, and more than that, it's picking up where Legend left off.

Curse your idiotic swimming sections, Lara!

Zip, Alistair and Amanda are all back, with a peculiar moment in the trailer where Lara is apparently threatening to kill Zip. Which is odd. And the imdb credits suggest that Lara's mum, Lady Amelia Croft, will be appearing once more. In fact, all of Crystal Dynamic's first cast are back, so I'm hopeful for a direct follow-on from the cliffhanger ending that Legend teased us with. Many hints about that, including references to Avalon, below.

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