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Larian teases the future option to change your Baldur’s Gate 3 character appearance

“Things are being cooked”

A Half-Elf Druid in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Larian Studios

If you, like me, immediately regret any decision you’ve ever made - well, at least in terms of video games - and have found yourself longing for a different face to stare at for hours and hours of conversations in Baldur's Gate 3, there might be good news on the way. Larian has teased that it’s working on a future way to change your appearance in its hugely popular D&D game.

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The current inability to change your character appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3 is perhaps a strange one, giving the freedom provided by the rest of the RPG, from shagging bears (and pretty much anyone/thing you meet) to surrounding NPCs with explosive barrels before turning them into a bunch of warmed-through goop. Even the game’s character creation is replete with a welcome buffet of options, from genitals to gender, and you can respec your class, spells and cantrips.

All this is to say that it’s a noticeably odd omission that you can’t change how your character looks once you’re past character creation - not just in terms of their actual physical appearance, but even more cosmetic things like hair, makeup and piercings.

The character respec interface in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Larian Studios

That might change in the future, if a tweet from Larian’s publishing director Michael Douse is anything to go by. (Well spotted, PC Gamer.)

Douse replied to Twitterer TheTrustedTitan’s desperate plea to “please let me change how i look in the game. I'm BEGGING!!!!” by teasing: “Things are being cooked”.

Larian’s previous game Divinity: Original Sin 2 allowed characters to freely change their appearance after the game’s first act by visiting a mirror in their home base. (The only things you couldn’t change were your character’s race and gender, and even the former could be sidestepped eventually using the Mask of the Shapeshifter item.) As such, it would make sense for Baldur’s Gate 3 to eventually add a similar option to change your character’s appearance once you’re into the game.

With no word on when such an option might arrive now, though, you’ll have to put up with staring into the eyes of your tiefling warlock for a few dozen more hours for the time being. Not even savescumming can help you there, I'm afraid.

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