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Kill Or Be Eaten: Free Fighting Game Last Resort

I'm gonna eat ya

It's a classic moral conundrum heard in pubs up and down the land: if you and a pal were stranded on a desert island without food, would you eat 'em? Okay, but what if you had a sword? And a giant shark would snatch you if you stayed in the sea for too long? And you could air-dash? And you respawned anyway? You can explore the idea in Last Resort [official site], a free fighting game built on that premise. Sure, you could stand still and let 'em skewer you, or you could engage in loud, colourful, and funny fisticuffs and let the best fighter feast.

Last Resort, then, is a fighting game with one-hit kills. You can jump, slash, block, and dash forwards and backwards on the ground and in the air. And you can devour corpses. Killing someone gives you a few seconds before they respawn to nosh on their bod, and you win by dining four times without being killed yourself. Each death blasts sound clips and slogans like frag montage parody videos, but it's a lot more fun and less obnoxious than some games. I do like how the shark breaching to snap ya sounds a lot like a Counter-Strike AWP shot.

It's a free download on Itch, and that page has an embedded browser version too.

Last Resort was made by Svblm, the folks behind pleasant explorable song The Bends and rogue-like-like-like Jet/Lag. They made it during the 2015 Global Game Jam last weekend, and I suspect we'll be cooing over an awful lot more games from that event over the weeks to come.

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