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Leaked The Sims 5 screenshots show city streets and apartment buildings

But no Sims

Last month, EA Maxis showed a few early images from Project Rene, the in-development Sims 5. They said they were showing the project early because they wanted to involve the community in its development.

Well, now it looks like someone has leaked images from a recent Sims 5 playtest, which seemingly shows a city environment with several apartments to build inside.

You can watch the official reveal around the 26 minute mark in the video below:

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The images are all photos of a screen playing the game, and they were posted to Reddit by a user who has since deleted their account.

The screenshots depict several interiors, at least one of which depicts the same scene as official Project Rene footage, as well as glimpses of the UI and tutorial messages. The shots which show an urban environment with multi-storey buildings is the most exciting of the set, however, because it's the kind of setting which The Sims has previously reserved for expansions.

Down in the comments of that Reddit thread, a deleted user - presumably the OP - said that the playtest "was focusing on the new building and furniture features. It had 4 preset studio apartments for you to mess around in or an empty one for you to build in. There were no sims in this at all." They also wrote that there "was no sims in this test, it was just building."

The official Project Rene announcement also likewise focused on creative tools, including new functionality like the return of Create-A-Style, which was absent from The Sims 4, and greater flexibility in how you resize, rotate and otherwise tweak objects.

The Sims 5 still seems like its a long time off, but updates and expansions continue to be created for The Sims 4. We recently updated our list of the best Sims expansion packs.

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