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Learn a little more about Axiom Verge 2 in this developer video

But just a little

Axiom Verge 2 was announced as coming to PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store last month. Now the developer of the pixelly metroidvania has shown more of the game in a narrated video - while still remaining steadfastly spoiler free.

"Even mentioning that there are spoilers is itself a spoiler," says Tom Happ, the game's creator.

Cover image for YouTube videoAxiom Verge 2 Gameplay + Developer Presentation - Future Games Show Spring Showcase

Still, there are some details in there. First, the game is mostly set before the events of Axiom Verge 1, although both are designed that they can be played alone and in any order. The story casts you as Indra, a mysterious billionaire, who is exploring an ancient, alternate Earth hidden in Antarctica.

Mainly I liked the video for the glimpses of Happ himself, flipping through his own sketchbooks stuffed with ideas about the Axiom Verge world. This is the advantage of a single person mostly making a game by themselves: the world they create is infused with their personal obsessions.

John thought Axiom Verge 1 was one of the best metroidvanias on PC, so I'm looking forward to trying its sequel when it launches this spring.

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