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LEGO DC Super-Villains moustache-twirls onto PC today

The most Joker of Joker laughs returns

Considering the gleeful destruction in TT Games's LEGO series, there's really not much difference between heroism and villainy - all the better for those wanting to take Harley Quinn for a casual hammer-rampage in LEGO DC Super-Villains, released today on PC. It's yet another in the all-consuming series of kid-friendly superhero sandbox games, and this time gives you the chance to create your own costumed in-between playing as the enemies of the Justice League. Below, an energetic launch trailer featuring a familiar-sounding Joker.

Of course, being a LEGO kids game, you're not REALLY being bad. Or rather, you're being bad to even worse people. The Justice League have been abducted and replaced with alternate-earth doppelgangers who turn out to be total jerks. Naturally it only makes sense for all the regular villains to band together to save the day while blowing up half of the blocky city in the process. Honestly, it's exactly what the heroes would do, but at least the characters are an entertaining bunch. Yes, that is Mark Hamill voicing the Clown Prince of Crime again - we missed him.

Cover image for YouTube video

So far, reviews for this one seem positive. It's yet another LEGO superhero game featuring the systems that they've built up and refined over the past few years, but funnier. From what little I've seen, it reminds me of the (far better than it had any right to be) LEGO Batman film, although perhaps not quite as self-aware. If nothing else, the promise of more universally funny jokes makes it a great pick for a parent-and-kid co-op game. Plus, Gorilla Grodd is in, and he's just a regular barrel full o' laughs... when he's not threatening to eat people's brains. Mostly.

LEGO DC Super-Villains is out now on Steam and Humble for £35/€40/$40. It's published by Warner Interactive.

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