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Lego Horizon Adventures follows Forbidden West with a co-op spin-off, and we won’t have to wait for it on PC

Two-player action game arriving towards the end of the year

A minifig Aloy throws something at a Thunderjaw in Lego Horizon Adventures
Image credit: Sony

Surprise! The next Horizon game after Zero Dawn and Forbidden West is also the next Lego game. Revealed during today's Summer games Fest showcase, Lego Horizon Adventures lets series heroine Aloy romp around with a pal in two-player co-op, and it’s coming to PC on the same day as it hits PlayStation.

Horizon devs Guerilla and co-devs Studio Gobo are behind the unexpected mashing together of bricks and dinobots, which sure does look like a Lego game based on Horizon. The Summer Game Fest trailer showed Aloy in minifig form getting into scuffles with a Thunderjaw, before cracking open some shiny chests and sticking some bricks together to construct buildings in the village of Mother's Heart. In other words, fairly standard Lego game stuff. There’ll be plenty of costumes to stick Aloy and friends in too, including a hotdog suit.

The story will be inspired by Horizon, following Aloy as she's found in a cave and ventures in the world of techno-animals.

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It looks nice, even if I’m a little sad that they didn’t make full use of Technic for the robot creatures - and like the classic Lego games, co-op multiplayer is a focus (although apparently it's been designed to avoid that shifting split-screen), going by Geoff Keighley’s tease of the upcoming mashup. That’ll be limited to just two people, with couch co-op and online both mentioned.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West both took their time to come to PC, but Lego Horizon Adventures seems to mark the new age of PlayStation games on PC in that it’ll arrive day one alongside its release on PS5 (and Nintendo Switch). That’ll be something this Holiday, so towards the end of the year. Expect to need a PlayStation account, probably.

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