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Marvel At The Trailer For LEGO Marvel's Avengers


As someone who grew up with LEGO blocks but did not otherwise continue their fascination into adulthood, the tie-in games have always been a source of gentle bewilderment. But I think the latest trailer for LEGO Marvel's Avengers might have finally sold me. Unfortunately it also brings word that the game has been delayed from this autumn to winter.

Landing days before this year's E3, the one-minute clip features some iconic scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including glimpses of the fight at New York and that rousing introduction to the cast. Speaking of which, it looks like all the usual suspects will be making an appearance and then some. While the trailer description reveals the presence of everyone's favourite villainous heartthrob Loki, the end of the video features a glimpse of Ultron himself. (Who knew that a megalomaniacal robot could be so gosh-darned adorable? LEGO Ultron doesn't inspire the urge to flee, only the impulse to hug.)

It might seem a bit presumptuous to be optimistic about a game heavily lacking in details still. But there is precedent. For one, the inhabitants of Castle Shotgun seem utterly besotted with a recent predecessor. John Walker seemed thrilled with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, which bodes well because, you know, Avengers and Marvel go hand-in-hand. Either way, we’ll probably know more about the game soon enough.

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