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Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Kickstarters

We need to create a master document of old PC gaming franchises and genres and tick off everything that announces a resurrection via Kickstarter. I suspect there'll be quite a lot of them by this time next year. Next to take a swing at recapturing past glory and the hearts and minds of elder gamers is Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe, who wants to rescue his beloved sleazeball from the terrible fate he suffered in recent years. In a project called 'Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!' - DYSWHDT - he's asking for $500,000 for a brand new point'n'click starring the original Larry. Well, a brand new remake at least.

He and his new colleages at Replay Games have rescued the licence from Big Software, meaning they're free to do what they will. In fact, this is the previously-announced remake of the first Larry game, In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards, but they want to make without publishers and with, hopefully, a higher budget.

It is, I must admit, a little odd to be Kickstarting a game that was announced months ago and presumably had some budget already, but hopefully their intentions are honest in terms of making a better game, and not just establishing what extra cash they can round-up. There's no reason the crowdsourcing model can't be used to improve existing projects, I guess. Mighty funny one, though. And a shame it's a remake rather than a brand new game.

Here's a video starring Lowe, who's the very definition of 'avuncular' and has what could be said to be the final word on the fate of Sierra.

You know how this works by now, right? Around an hour after announcing the project, they're at $1200 already.

Tomorrow, we'll be posting about the Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 2 Kickstarter.

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