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Kitching Up With Catchstarter's Big Names

We've posted about exactly this many Kickstarter projects recently: a few. But what's been going on lately with the likes of The Banner Saga, Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowland, Starlight Inception, Wasteland 2 and Bionite: Origins? In order to find out, I've just turned up unexpectedly at each of their doors, stared creepily at them for a few seconds and then wandered on to the next one.

Shadowrun Returns:

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$1,133,209 pledged of its $400,000 goal. It's just added a new reward tier at $125, which gets you a deluxe boxed edition including USB dog-tag, and if they can hit $1.5m they'll add in a backers-only mission with will tie together plotlines and whatnot from the previous games.

Wasteland 2:

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Wasteland has all the money at $2,704,832 of its $900,000 goal, and with 19 hours left on the clock it's added a new $30 tier which'll get you "An extra digital download of the game in any format; Access to a collection of exclusive Ranger portraits that will double the pool of character portraits you have to choose from at the start of the game when you are rolling up your Rangers; Access to a four-episode Video Development Blog; A novella by Chris Avellone based on the universe of Wasteland."

Bionite: Origins

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The Battlezone-like has raised its target from $15,000 to $30,000 - and currently sits at $19,000.

Leisure Suit Larry

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The remake of In The Land of the Lounge Lizards is now at $350,000 of $500,000 target, with 15 days to go. Al Lowe recently did an AMA on Reddit.

Starlight Inception

This space sim doesn't seem to have fired up public affection to the extent of its peers, with $30,737 pledged of its $150,000 goal. To try and help things along, they'veBig old FAQ and pics of the intended physical rewards.

The Banner Saga

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This is doing rather well at $542,281 of $100,000 goal. A recent development of note is Journey composer Austin Wintory joining the team, and is providing new, music-based rewards for backers.

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