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Less Pieces Of Eight: Burning Sea Going Free

News that Pirates Of The Burning Sea has just released its first free expansion - the previously mentioned Whale-bone-ship-featuring Power & Prestige - has been somewhat shadowed by the simultaneous announcement that it's joining Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online and going free-to-play. When? Fall. That's soon, isn't it, Ameri-chums? Relatively soon, anyway. The model seems to be payments for "premium" content and items, or an alternative "Captain's Club" subs model - though what this means for currents subs hasn't been confirmed yet. In the mean time, Power & Prestige's changes to the game, in terms of port management are available to everyone who's playing and... oh, let's just show that whale-ship-stuff again.

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We've also got an interview with Flying Lab about this move forthcoming, so expect that soonish.

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