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Grasshopper's Let It Die stabbing towards PC in autumn


Grasshopper Manufacture, the Japanese studio behind loud and stylish games including No More Heroes and The Silver Case, are bringing their free-to-play survival stabfest Let It Die from PlayStation 4 over to PC. First released in 2016, Let It Die is a brash action game set in a post-apocalyptic helltower where we fight upwards at the bidding of Uncle Death, a Grim Reaper who looks just a little like a dude in a Halloween costume. It's a bit survival-y too, having us eat food as we loot and stab upwards. I've heard some okay things about the PS4 version, once people got used to it, and I'm curious to have a look myself on PC this autumn. Now watch these murders.

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Or you can see more of what it's actually like now in this recent-ish livestream:

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Oh, and it has a touch of asynchronous multiplayer, as your character can appear as an enemy in other players' games after you die. Nice to know they live on somewhere, continuing to stab faces.

It doesn't look mega-great to my eyes but, as I say, have heard some positive rumblings from consoleers. Soon we'll get to join in and see for ourselves. As was announced on Saturday:

Let It Die will come to PC via Steam in autumn, GameSpot report, and publishers GungHo Online retweeted that to confirm.

Grasshopper's surreal 2005 shooter Killer7 is also coming to PC, brought over by publishers NIS America this autumn. It's a little curious that the port's first trailer was from just the console game running in an emulator, but fingers crossed. Over the years, I've only grown more fond of the weird and awkward aspects which put many off the game when it first game out. I think it's grown more interesting with age, in contrast to how shooters have developed since.

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