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Letters – A Written Adventure is an upcoming wordplay puzzle game

Stamp of approval

Gosh, I love words. Put things down in the right order and you can communicate with people all over the globe. You can even make a career of it if you do it enough, or so I’ve heard. In upcoming puzzle game Letters – A Written Adventure, protagonist Sarah is just learning the power of words by communicating with her pen pal across Europe. Break the seal on the trailer posted this week below.

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It looks like there’s pesky drawings in the way of where you want your words to go, and you’ll have to use the latter to shift them out of the way. It looks like a neat puzzle system to just poke around in and think about what potential interactions are available, and leaves the door open for wordplay both literal and figurative, so I’m in.

Sarah graduating from writing letters to her pen pals to keeping internet friendships also feels like such a natural progression, and yet I hadn’t fully made the connection before. It takes the appeal of online-space simulators like Cibele and Emily Is Away but pulls it along a longer timeline, one that’s very familiar as someone who grew up from the 90s until today. I remember my dad pestering me to stop using stamps and start emailing my friend who lived across the country instead and refusing to do it when I was about 10 years old, but now it’s Discord all the way down.

Letters – A Written Adventure isn’t scheduled to launch until next year, but it already has a Steam page with plenty of lovely words on it.

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