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Library is out now, warms my heart

Just look at those happy faces

Hey. Look at all these happy, smiling faces. Do you want to look like that? Then check out Library, which launched yesterday and, as the name suggests, sees you exploring an adorable library, meeting a host of new friends and throwing endless torrents of books at them.

Happy Snake Games’ follow up to the delightful Morning Post clearly draws from the same well of colourful, cartoonish joy, which is something we could all use more of right now. Key to this merry style is the fact that, just like in their previous game, pretty much everything has a simple, infectiously cheery face, regardless of whether it’s living or inanimate. Or maybe that means that everything in this world is actually alive? In which case, I’m sure chucking these sentient books around doesn’t hurt them at all. Look, you can see how much they enjoy it in the launch trailer:

Library also borrows the bouncy, carefree music of its predecessor, and the two now come bundled together with the Steam purchase. I previously really, really enjoyed taking a look around people’s houses, saying hi to the delightfully weird occupants, and delivering their grinning mail. Alice did too, as you can read in her article from last year.

Surely, then, nabbing both will allow you to brighten up two otherwise dreary weekend afternoons – or perhaps just one afternoon, but twice as much. It’s up to you! The world is your brightly coloured, placidly smiling oyster.

Library is now available for £1.69/€1.59/$1.99 on Steam.

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