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Life Is Strange 2's reveal trailer introduces us to the Diaz brothers

Expect a neverending series of gut punches.

The Life Is Strange series isn't known for telling the happiest of stories, but the Gamescom reveal trailer for Dontnod's sequel Life Is Strange 2 wastes no time in letting you know that this one is going to be a downer. The video below gives us a brief introduction to the young Diaz brothers - Sean and Daniel - and gives us some hints as to why they're on the road, living rough and apparently trying to stay ahead of the police on a long journey south. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that superpowers are involved.

After what's being reported in the papers as the shooting of their father by police in Seattle, young duo Sean (seventeen years old) and his little brother Daniel (nine) have taken to America's deep woodlands and winding roads. Apparently the cop was found dead as well, and they're wanted for questioning. Quite how a scared teenager and his even younger brother are going to keep it together out in the wild is beyond me, even if one (or both?) of them has mysterious powers. Suddenly, the relative simplicity of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons seems favourable.

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It's an interesting setup for what is undoubtedly going to be a heart-wrenching choose-your-own-adventure story. From the all-too-brief glimpse we saw of the new spooky powers in the trailer and the earlier teaser video, they're somewhat more straightforward than we've seen in the series before. At least, that sure looks like some kind of mysterious explosion or shockwave to me. So, we're probably dealing with a singular timeline.

The first episode of Life Is Strange 2 will be launching on September 27th, with the remaining four due out over the following months. You can find the whole season here on Steam, where it will be launching for £32.48/$40. The episodes will be purchasable individually at launch, too.

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