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Life is Strange: Double Exposure brings back original hero Max Caulfield for a dimension-hopping murder-mystery this October

Solve a friend's murder with their help in a parallel timeline

An older Max Caulfield in Life is Strange: Double Exposure
Image credit: Deck Nine

Max Caulfield is back! The time-bending protagonist of the first Life is Strange is returning in a new entry in the series, Life is Strange: Double Exposure. It’s out this October.

Revealed during tonight’s Xbox Games Showcase, Double Exposure is a completely new instalment in the Life is Strange series, following the first game, its direct sequel, prequel Before the Storm and Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Max appeared in the first game and Before the Storm, with only passing mentions in the sequel - which introduced brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz as the focus - and True Colors, which followed brand new hero Alex Chen. It’s not clear when Double Exposure takes place in relation to the other games in the series, with Max is visibly older - suggesting it’s set a good few years after.

Max seems to have retained her control over the flow of time in Double Exposure, which amps up her ability to rewind time with the new power to jump between two parallel timelines.

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In one of those timelines, Max’s friend Sophie is found dead in the woods, while in the other she’s still alive; the game will see Max trying to work with Sophie in the alternate dimension to save her in Max’s original reality. So in other words: you’re trying to solve a murder-mystery by working with the murder victim to solve her murder before it happens. That’ll involve plenty of intrigue, as Max won’t know who she can trust - or who will trust her enough to help.

Double Exposure is being developed by current series stewards Deck Nine, who took over from original Life is Strange creators Dontnod after working on Before the Storm. The studio has since developed True Colours and revisited the first game and Before the Storm in the Remastered Collection, but has also faced recent allegations of crunch, toxic working conditions and abusive behaviour.

Along with the announcement of Life is Strange: Double Exposure, we also got a release date: it’ll be out on October 29th.

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