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Likeable Roguelike-like: See 24 Minutes Of Dragon Fin Soup

Dual-wield broken bottles

Roguelike-like RPG Dragon Fin Soup first caught our collective composite eye last month, when all we had to judge it by was a short trailer, a few screenshots, and some words from the developers about how cool they think their game is. Oh, what wide-eyed innocents we were! How trusting! How naive! How... actually quite pleasant the game does actually look in a new 24-minute gameplay video with developer commentary.

Yes, we can see it appears to have the right bits in the right place for this sort of roguelike-like--turn-based movement and combat; crafting; an excessive number of item slots--but the small touches make it interesting to me. You can cut down trees to fall on enemies. And hide behind rocks. And dual-wield frying pans or broken bottles. And try to eat almost anything. Think twice before making bets about eating your own hat, as that is not only possible, it may choke you to death. The plot's the usual cheery fantasy blah but the dialogue does have a fun tone in places.

Of course, the real test of roguelike-like soup is whether you enjoy eating it then beg and plead with father to serve you another helping even after you choke on it, then again, and again, always again. We can only speculate upon the flavour at this point. Could it be spiced squash? Tomato and basil? Gosh, even broccoli and cauliflower?

Dragon Fin Soup's Kickstarter campaign wraps up on Friday. Developers Grimm Bros were looking for $24,000 and have comfortably blown past that. It looks like it'll hover around the six-figure mark by the end.

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