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Lonely Mountains: Downhill promises biking time trials and broken bones galore

Break a leg

I'm not much of a cyclist, so although the daredevil in me likes the idea of hurtling through a forest on two wheels at breakneck speed, wind rushing in my ears, it'll probably never happen. The closest I'll get might just be be Lonely Mountains: Downhill [official site], an upcoming mountain biking game that I really like the look of.

Supposedly, you'll be plonked at the top of the mountain and be able to go all the way to the bottom with no loading screens, taking an established path or trying to carve your own way. But the more risks you take, the more chance you'll end up clothes-lined by a tree (which is probably what would happen to me if I tried it in real life). The crashes appeal to me more than achieving the best time – it's got some spectacularly brutal flips and some nice rag doll effects.

There's timed portions where you'll be trying to beat the clock, which looks suitably frantic, and hidden areas to find.

Whether it's any good will depend on how well it controls, which is obviously impossible to judge at the moment. But I reckon it's one to keep an eye on, and it looks great too. There's something charming about the faceless, wooden riders.

Developers Megagon Industries have pencilled in an early/mid 2018 release window, and you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight here.

Here's the trailer – if, like me, you're in it for the carnage, skip to 23 seconds.

Hat tip to PC Gamer for flagging it up.

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