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Look what everyone's been up to in Half-Life: Alyx

Other than finishing it

Half-Life: Alyx is so densely packed with trinkets and goodies to fool around with that it seems it was inevitable folks would cook up some gags with the VR props. RPS have decided that it has some of the most satisfying physics in PC games and that's quite clear when you see all the shenanigans folks have been pulling off inside this sandbox masquerading as a linear game. Here's what everyone's been getting up to in City 17.

Gaming the system

What good are physics, you ask? Well, lots of things, obviously. Chief among them, bending the rules. You can carry two items on the back of Alyx's gloves, which is mostly useful for carrying health syringes. Likely Valve didn't want players stockpiling health and other items so it's a handy (har) way to enforce a bit of scarcity. Well marbles to that, says this player. I'll make my own inventory.

Playing street hoops with Russel

As an expanded version of the cheater's inventory, here's another player nagging Russel for more ammo. Talk about hoarding, sheesh. Where was Russel keeping all those clips? Can't shake the feeling that I've seen this before though. There's someone else that tosses infinite clips to their partner.

Russel, I'm out
by u/donkeyhotie in HalfLife

Being absolute genius cowards

This one is my favorite. I'm cackling over it, truly. This is the kind of thing I'd be doing in a horror game. I relate to this coward on a deep level and have the utmost respect for them. The cautious little "stay put" motion they give to the door and everything. It's beautiful.

Trying to recreate Valve's tweet

Valve flexed their VR skills in a Tweet the day before Alyx came out. Of course players wanted to see if they could replicate this trick shot. Many tried. Many failed. This particular player kept at it, achieving a nearly perfect defenestration.

Tried recreating the Headcrab Chair Serve clip... Took me 20 minutes.
by in HalfLife

Playing that Portal song

This won't be the last we see of this piano, nor was it the first. As far as playing a virtual piano inside a Half-Life game though, I couldn't possibly plug anything other than Still Alive. How much practice must this have taken to get the feel for how far apart the keys are? You can see they're just pecking at the keys with index (har) fingers but that's still impressive in my book.

Refusing to look out the window

This very determined player found a bit of dialogue that many may not have on their first run through. I mean when Russel says "look out the window," don't you want to know what's out there? Don't you want to see City 17? Not this person. No siree.

This isn't even all that folks have been up to by far. One person demonstrated some absolutely unbelievable juggling tricks. An instructor gave a maths lesson with the dry erase markers everyone's been playing around with. Vidbud Matthew had a moment with a bread roll.

If you've been trying your hands in the new VR shooter, what silliness have you achieved?

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