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Lose Your Head: Serious Sam 3's Kamikazes

A Serious Sam game without its screaming headless bombermen, the Kamikazes, would not be a Serious Sam game. Hence, it has now been indisputably proven that the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE is definitely a Serious Sam game. The bellowing explodey-blokes are back, but they're... different.

The shot above demonstrates how these chaps have evolved and changed across the Serious Sam series, but below is how they look in-game. High-res versions available if only you can work out how to make that clicking-finger of yours works.

So: the headless men now have heads. Or some kind of cyclopean robo-spider which vaguely evokes Half-Life's Headcrabs, anyway. And they've got fingers around the bombs instead of bombs-as-hands. It looks good, as a character model goes, but the moany purist in me worries that they've thrown out the comedy element of the good old screamers in favour of something a little more horror-like, a little more Quake... Heads. Nng.

Oh well. As long as they bellow like lunatics, I'll be happy.

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