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Lost Ark Powerpass explained: how to unlock and use two free level 50 boosts

Jump two characters to level 50 free of charge

Trying to figure out the Powerpass in Lost Ark? The Powerpass is one of Lost Ark’s two methods of boosting characters straight to level 50, and the best part is that you’ll receive two of them for free. However, it's a little unclear when these become available and how they function. If you’re trying to unlock your Powerpasses or aren’t sure when to use them, this guide will help.

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How to unlock two free Powerpasses in Lost Ark

To unlock your free Powerpass character boosts, you will need to progress Lost Ark’s main story quest through North Vern on your first character. Simply follow the blue World Quest chain through the continent until you complete the final quest, called Ealyn’s Gift.

Upon completion, you will receive a North Vern Powerpass token via in-game mail. Accept the token, then right-click it in your inventory to activate it. Once you’ve done that, your first Powerpass will be available via the character select menu.

You will receive a second and final pass via in-game mail once you use your first Powerpass and complete the Adventurer’s Path process.

The Adventurer's Path UI in Lost Ark'

How to use a Lost Ark Powerpass and how long does Powerpass leveling take?

The Powerpass activation process is what trips some players up, as the pass is not immediately available when you create a new character. Thankfully, it only takes a moment to get started. Once you’ve created your character, hit launch, touch the Tome of Prophecy in the Trixion tutorial area, and select your advanced class. Once you’ve locked that in, return to the character select menu where the “Powerpass available” icon will now appear above that character. Hit the Powerpass button to the right of launch to begin the Adventurer’s Path.

The Adventurer’s Path is a short series of playable scenarios interspersed with cutscenes and dialogue in which Beatrice recaps the main story. If you play through every section, the process takes about 30 minutes to complete. At the end, your character will be dropped into Vern at level 50 with a set of item level 302 gear, ready to take on the endgame. You can choose to skip through every section to speed things up; however, there are once-per-roster item rewards for completing each section. We recommend playing through enough of the Adventurer’s Path to get the Battle Item Chest for the free HP Potions. These are once-per-roster rewards though, so you can safely skip the process entirely during your second Powerpass.

When to use your Lost Ark Powerpass

As soon as you have decided on a second class, you can go ahead and use a Powerpass. Secondary characters, or “alts,” are extremely useful in Lost Ark’s tiered endgame progression system. Honing your gear will require more and more materials with each level, and daily activities like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids only reward so many materials per character. Running these activities on a second or third character and funneling materials onto your main will significantly speed up progression.

Even if you aren’t concerned with speed, it can be fun to experiment with other classes while taking in the wide array of endgame content. Don’t worry too much about wasting Powerpasses either; you can boost additional characters once you unlock Knowledge Transfers in the Stronghold.

That’s everything you need to know about the Powerpass in Lost Ark! Leveling the old fashion way can take a long, long time, so these free character boosts are the best way to get more characters to level 50. If you’re not sure which class to pick, use our tier list for some inspiration. Every class is solid though, so don’t stress it too much. We’ve got guides for every class too, including the ever-popular Berserker and Sorcereress.

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