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Lost Ark's March update will bring a new story quest and end-game raid

More of the game's content is being made available to Western players

Amazon's Diablo-ish MMORPG Lost Ark has revealed a roadmap that will bring more content to the Western version of the game, starting this month. March will see the addition of more story, as well as a late-game activity called Abyss Raids, where players will need to work together to defeat a Guardian within a set time limit.

"Fans of Lost Ark know that there is a wealth of content present in the Korean version that has yet to make its way to the Western shores of Arkesia," says the announcement post. "We’ll be working closely with Smilegate RPG to infuse content into the Western version at a steady cadence."

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This month, there'll be a story update with new quests and areas to explore, and introducing some new characters. Players will be searching for the first Guardian slayer, Kadan, who might be able to point you in the direction of the Ark. There are some prerequisites that are detailed on the blog post, but it's recommended for players with item levels around 1100.

For late game players, Abyss Raids will provide a new challenge. Eight people will have to work together to get through a three-phase boss before time runs out. Each phase will drop rewards once a week, and has its own required levels to participate. The first boss, Argos, is a rather majestic stag-goat type creature.

That's not all coming in March, apparently, but more information will be shared closer to the update itself.

In his Lost Ark review in progress, Ed reckoned it was a bit grindy for his tastes. "The journey to the end of the rainbow isn't so much a happy skip, as it is a long-distance hike. One where you'll find yourself setting up camp and toasting marshmallows on the reg," he wrote. After a bit longer with the game, he declared that it's the MMO equivalent of a grey carpet - all the rage right now, but too bland for him to spend too much time with.

Maybe the new update can bring a pop of colour to that, like a nice rug. No word yet on precisely when the next update is coming, but it is named after this month, so that's something of a clue as to the window at least.

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