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Love It Up: Hate Plus To Release Aug 19th

"Christine Love!" I would say, breathlessly, as I caught up with the prolific visual novel writer on her morning jog (possibly?), "You're releasing Hate Plus your sequel to the phenomenal visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story soon, and I'm so excited!" "Oh Cara," she'd say, brushing pink fronds of hair from her face as she effortlessly kept pace, "I know you're so very excited. Thank you for the nice coverage of my games on RPS, by the way, you are the best website, and also Cara, you are the best writer. Alec understood my games, but honestly, I feel like you understand me." "Oh Christine!" I would say. "I do understand you! Your games are so intelligent and well-written and..." HEY. YOU. GET OUT OF MY DREAMS. This ain't no eroge.

"So," I would say as I sit dressed in pink bows and love hearts, sipping Orange Pekoe tea, my eyes wide and shining, "your last visual novel, Analogue: A Hate Story was about investigating the final generation of the spaceship the Mugunghwa by reading through its dead crew's logs, with the help of a spunky AI sidekick." RPS's own Alec of Meer wrote "Analogue is a sit-up-and-take-notice achievement in storytelling, in interface, in research, in mechanics and in moral ambiguity," I recall.

"That's right," she would say, looking at me adoringly. What a wonderful person Cara is, she would be thinking immediately at that moment, and also she would want to do a sex on me. "I'm now releasing the sequel on the 19th of August," she giggles cutely, "The premise is this: 'My mission was supposed to be routine data recovery on an old derelict generation ship, but instead, I ended up rescuing an adorable AI girl who grew up in a tremendously patriarchal Neo-Confucian society? And now she's discovered a bunch of messages left by the mysterious Old *Mute... and wants me to uncover with her the slow enactment of a regressive political program that caused her society to regress to Joseon Dynasty social mores?!'"

"Will there be more flirting?" I say sipping my tea.

"Of COURSE," she would say, with a sly smile.

"And in the game," I would say, amazingly hotly.

"Let's spend the next three real-time days together uncovering the mystery of year zero on the Mugunghwa," Christine Love would say to me. "♡ Please, look forward to your hateful days~! ♡"

"How can you even vocally articulate love hearts," I would say, slightly grumpily.

Yeah, Hate Plus is coming out on the 19th of August, for $10 USD and with a free demo on Windows, Mac and Linux. Watch this space. Or you can try out the Analogue: A Hate Story demo for free, or buy the game here.

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