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Bullet Heaven: Lovely Planet Arcade Announced

Cutest rootin' tootin' shooter around

Lovely Planet was... lovely. Colourful, cute and springy, it looks like a jolly little thing and it is, to an extent. It's a tricky thing though, a hardcore shooter in a candy shell. Publishers tinyBuild Games have just announced that a sequel is in the works. Lovely Planet Arcade [official site] is the name.

Watch on YouTube

That isn't frantic at all. Where are the combos? Where is the leaping and dodging? This teaser is like a supercute SUPERHOT, trapped in between moments.

No matter. It's a teaser and the website suggests good things to come.

"Craft intricate combos to unfold the complex puzzle of flying projectiles and moving targets into a graceful sequence of well timed shots and jumps. Enjoy shooting baddies, jumping over obstacles and teleporting around bullets while trading with milliseconds."

You can play the demo of the original Lovely Planet right now. The sequel is due in summer.

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