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Super Lovely Planet rolls out

Lovely FPS becomes lovely platformer

The creator of fine timetrial FPS Lovely Planet has returned to that Lovely land with a new game, this time going platforming in Super Lovely Planet [official site]. It's a 3D platformer starring a ball which intends to reach the end of each level. To do this, it'll need to jump over gaps, weave past spikes, dodge shots, and so on - platformer stuff. But the original Lovely Planet was great because it streamlined the FPS while whacking in leaderboards, and this looks to do the same with platforming.

I don't like 3D platformer but I am quite keen to play this one. I dig the sound of its controls, mixing precise but slow crawling with jumping that's a lot faster but has no air control - an interesting trade-off, and something to master. I might not be into platformers but I do enjoy mastering movement.

Along with performance ratings for super serious speedtesters, it does also have secrets and collectibles for players who fancy pottering.

Super Lovely Planet is out for Windows and Mac on Steam. It's priced at £5.24/7,49€/$7.49 right now, which includes a 25% launch discount.

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