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Lovely Weather We're Having Forecast For November 10

Take the weather with you

"Lovely weather we're having" is such an elusive term where I'm from in deepest, darkest Glasgow that it could almost be considered Scottish lore. Like the Loch Ness Monster, Haggis creatures bounding around our infinite rolling hills of purple heather, or deep fried Mars bars, the phrase is not seen or heard or experienced very often. Lovely Weather We're Having [official site], on the other hand, is a lovely video game playground. It uses local weather data based on where you are to alter your game, see. I've enjoyed playing a beta version, and the full game's out on November 10th.

Playing as a young girl who's been locked out of her house with her dog companion, Lovely Weather We're Having is a goal-free exploration game that reacts to the actual real life weather and time of day in your area. NPCs in turn react to the dynamic conditions and engage you in different conversation as the weather changes. Whilst there's not an abundance of things to do in its playground, I thoroughly enjoyed simply taking it all in. I suffer from occasional bouts of anxiety and there was something quite cathartic about standing on a dock, listening to the rain thunder into the water that stretched out before me, whilst the sky simultaneously poured onto the pavement outside my flat in reality.

"To get the full experience, I recommend playing it in ten to 15 minute bursts at a few different times of day/in some different meteorological conditions," says developer Julian Glander.

When Pip first discovered Lovely Weather We're Having, she shared a wonderful Storify from when she asked Twitter, "Has your mood ever been affected by in-game weather?" It's really nice and it's worth taking the time to read in its entirety.

Lovely Weather We're Having is due November 10 and will cost $7.99 on Steam and itch.io. Here's the release date announcement trailer which is...yeah, just have a look:

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