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Luto looks like PT with remarkable sheet physics

Ghosts with fine linen

Would PT have spawned a genre of housebound horror had PT been fully released? I don't know, but Luto is the latest indie attempt at making you scared of your linen closet. It even has some extremely impressive sheet physics.

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I'm a wuss and would not play most horror games, but I do want to play a game where the sheets drape just so across whatever abomination is lurching beneath them. That bit where the ghost (or whatever) tumbles out a door looks remarkable.

Whether those sheet physics are enough to get me over the psychological horror promised by the Steam page, I don't know. "Explore the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, the horror of the insecurity to the deepest darkness hidden behind anxiety and depression...", it says, and I think: nah. Yer alright. Two of the bulletpointed features don't help:

  • Depiction of anxiety and depression through mourning.
  • Exploration of different phobias (monophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, nyctophobia...)

If you're braver than I, or more interested in embodying another person's misery, then you shouldn't have too long to wait. Luto is aiming for to release sometime this year.

In case you've never heard of PT before: it was a demo for a horror project under development by Hideo Kojima while he was still at Konami, before it was cancelled. The demo was pulled from download. But several projects have popped up in its wake that aim to recreate it, or which are simply inspired by it. Luto looks like one of them.

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