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The Magpie Collection: Odd Bundle Replacing Stolen Stuff

Indie oddities

Berlin's A Maze festival is pretty great, so I hear. Unfortunately, as will happen when hordes travel to a big event, a fair few people had stuff nicked this year. Laptops, phones, passports, and so on totalling 17,000€ were yoinked by dastardly scoundrels, so a group of indie folks are trying to raise money to buy replacements for the unfortunate.

People like The Stanley Parable's William Pugh and McPixel's Sos Sosowski are working on The Magpie Collection, a bundle of ten specially-made games along with art, music, and other stuff. You'll find it on Indiegogo.

Pledging at least 10€ will get you a bundle of ten game plus music, films, and art by an eclectic bunch of folks, that'll be delivered on the fourth of June. I recognise many of the involved names as people who make interesting, weird, and good stuff.

The campaign is using Indiegogo's "flexible funding" option so they'll get the cash no matter what, though it seems likely it'll hit 17,000€. The money will go towards replacing stolen stuff (a magpie probably took it, see). Maybe they might decide to pay for a little travel insurance too.

Here's William Pugh to explain the idea:

[Disclose-o-rama: I'm friendly with Magpie Collectioneer Jack de Quidt (and he has written for RPS before), know Sos from helping a teensy bit on Doom Piano, know Major Bueno because The Wild Rumpus co-commissioned them to make Musclecat Showdown (and I made gross cat controllers for it), but let's talk about William Pugh. William, I know you're reading this. I like you, William. You're one of the handful of people I'm open around. I like that. We don't need to play it cool, William. So I'll say it: you're a pal, chum, and who knows, one day maybe even the 'f' word. I hope this makes you uncomfortable.]

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