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Make It Show: 15 Mins Of Into The Stars Gameplay

Blast off!

Who'd be the pilot of Ark-13? More to the point, why would anyone even consider flirting with fate by numbering a starship "13", especially after contact has been lost with previous arks? Ach, those starship engineers with their rationalist outlooks.

When last we wrote of Into The Stars [official site] it was in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign. Developers Fugitive Games won their funding back in February and are now ready to show off more of their work. Here's a full fifteen minutes of non-narrated gameplay footage for your delectation.

If the music seems familiar, it's because it was composed by Jack Wall, who has also scored music for Mass Effect, Lost Planet and Call of Duty. The instant I heard Into The Stars' soundtrack I was transported back to the three separate occasions when I played through the Mass Effect games in ridiculously lengthy, RSI-inducing sessions. The power of music, eh.

As for Into The Stars, it looks very nice in places, and I can imagine it being fun in the same way that, say, Infinite Space or Out There are fun. I do have some reservations based on what I've seen in that video, but as the game's still very much in development and, unusually, isn't an Early Access title, I'll hold off on critiquing it. If you want to know more, IncGamers have a short interview focused on how the game plays, which offers a bit of game design context to what we've seen in this gameplay footage.

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