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Make yourself at Rome: Caesar I and II now on GOG

Give unto Caesar I what is Caesar I's

The boys and girls at Good Aul Games have added the ancient ancient city-builder games Caesar and Caesar II to their roster of classics, along with their Chinese counterpart Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom which is less ancient (released in 2002) but still ancient (set 3000 years ago). For years, the only way to buy 'em was to track down a second-hand CD copy. GOG already had a bunch of Sierra's city-building series on their ethereal shelves, including the later Caesars, so getting these old lads rounds out the collection. GOG are having a wee sale to celebrate.

You can get the whole Sierra crowd for around 27 dollars, for example. But they're also putting it about that the whole genre has deals. I can see Banished for $2.69, oh there’s Tropico 5 for $3.24, and look, Evil Genius for $4.41.

But by gum there's also this year’s Urban Empire for $18.18. For the sake of comparison, it's currently $39.99 on Steam. Alexander thought the game was let down by its narrow and limiting view of history, and lamented that it didn’t give you more freedom to toy with time’s concrete blocks. But if you’re set on trying it yourself, you could do a lot worse than this price. Anyway, the sale ends on Monday, if you're a bargain hunter punter.

Caesar, Caesar II, and Emperor are £4.19 each on GOG now.

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