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Mars Attracts Me: The Red Solstice

Survivalist squad shooter The Red Solstice looks pretty tasty, at least in concept. Based on a Warcraft 3 mod called Night of the Dead, it's now a monsters on Mars affair but with a distinct zombie feel. Scarce resources, buildings with dodgy lights, horrifying injuries, that sort of thing.
There's an alpha doing the rounds, though the entrance requirements are a little insulting, so for now I'd advise just watching these videos and seeing if top-down Red Planetting is your cup of Inevitable Death-Tea.
Update - ah, there's now a more freely-available alpha/demo too.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

More details on the various features and how they all come together here. Sounds, and even looks, a bit like a much more involved Alien Swarm to me, and that's something I rather suspect I'd enjoy.

If you fancy a bit of that right now-ish, you can apply to the 'open alpha'. All you need to do is

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Oh, get lost. To my mind at least, turning interested folk into walking billboards is not the best way to create buzz for your videogame.

UPDATE: Oh. Either I found my way to completely the wrong place or this wasn't well-presented on their site, but apparently they've moved on from Like-tyranny to supplying a new key in this thread every weekend, and there's also a prologue/demo available for anyone to play right away. You should do that!

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