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Mass Effect 3 Resurgence DLC to Add Multiple Player Maps

Yes, that's right: multiple players. Not singular players or angular players - which are, of course, works of incredibly esoteric modern art. Mass Effect 3's Resurgence DLC is arriving on April 10, and - somewhat amazingly - it's totally free. For the price of nary a nickle, dime, or duplicitous Citadel store endorsement, you'll nab two new maps, six new characters, and three new weapons. Among them are brand new races (Batarians and Geth) and a positively delightful-looking harpoon gun, which is so worth the time I spent sending complaints to the FTC attached to precision-targeted harpoons. Take the mass relay across the break for a trailer of every character, weapon, and map in action.

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So right, free things. EA recently took home the crudely molded (and incredibly silly) gold for "Worst Company in America" because players got fed up with it doing the precise opposite of this, so it's a bit uncharacteristic. Has the money-hungry hippo finally turned over a new leaf? That's a dumb question. We have two pieces of evidence attached to one game. It is kind of promising, though. There's something to be said for goodwill, and - while I certainly don't think everything needs to (or should) be free - it'd be nice to see big publishers view their fans as something other than plump ripe-for-the-picking money pinatas every once in a while. Just ask CD Projekt. A friendly relationship with fans is a damn powerful thing. Huge or not, publishers like EA would do well to remember that.

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