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Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer visits brand new worlds

Hub worlds and hotheads

I'm not going to pretend that I understand the setting of the Mass Effect games all that well, but even though I've only played bits of the first, you can't work in this job for long without learning all about the adventures of FemShep. That's how I know that Andromeda [official site] is about a new crew searching a new galaxy for a new home, because somebody left the taps running on Earth during the events of the original trilogy, and now the whole place smells of mildew.

A new, hefty trailer shows some adventuring, some chatting, some fighting and some gorgeous hub world wandering. Mass Effect may not be my thing, but good grief, this looks very much like it might be my main squeeze of Spring 2017.

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In an odd coincidence, there's a new Prey trailer out today, which we'll be posting shortly. The section of Andromeda in the settlement looks a lot like the Prey 2 game that never was though, with the Pathfinder hunting someone on an alien planet, using magi-science and detective skills, and eventually shooting an Anarchist in the face (I read the name tag as Antichrist originally and was pretty excited to find out what I'd missed in the mythology of the original trilogy).

I'd rather see a little more conversation and a little less action, but Andromeda looks absolutely gorgeous. The alien-ness of the worlds reminds me a little of No Man's Sky, in that everything is bright and attractive and strange, like a pulp sci-fi book cover. Quite why the search for a new home planet seems to involve going to the home planet of other people and sticking your face into their business, I don't know, but if the game essentially involves flying around the galaxy shouting at people until they let my entire race sleep in the spare room, I'm OK with that. I'd even take a sofa bed.

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