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FYI, Master Spy Demo And Trailer Offer Impossible Mission

Not actually impossible at all

A platform game! What's this one about - controlling characters across dimensions simultaneously, cloning yourself infinite times to navigate metaphorical gloomspaces, or time travelling to work co-operatively with future and past versions of yourself? Waitaminute-- Master Spy is platform game that's actually about jumping!

And with considerable style, in both its conspiracy-laden pixel art cutscenes and its stealthy, obstacle-dodging platform hopping. The latest trailer represents both in ways that make me excited, and the demo backs it up.

Obvious Impossible Mission inspiration abounds, in style and substance. There's been a demo available for a long time, but it was updated yesterday with all new art for the game's first level.

The platforming obviously looks difficult, requiring accurate timing to dodge lasers, avoid cameras, skip over dogs and leap around firing blades. That's true, but I've played a few builds of the game now and the early levels take great care to introduce each new type of obstacle. What's shown in the trailer is, I imagine, late-game stuff, by which point you should have accrued the knowledge necessary to at least have a chance of bounding your way past so many traps.

I could not come up with a better title pun than my last effort.

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