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Medieval Engineers Gets Big 'Re-Launch' Update

Refreshed warfare

While Space Engineers receives a fairly steady flow of smaller updates, developers Keen Software House have been saving up for a big'un with their other early access sandbox game, the low-tech follow-up Medieval Engineers [official site]. This week has brought an update big enough that Keen call it a "re-launch", boshing in everything from a huge new world to land claims and female player models.

Update 0.3.1 sounds like it adds the basics needed for empires to rise, be won, fall, and decay until nothing remains. You can now create a personal banner as well as your own house banner. Area ownership is in now, so you can plop down a "claim block" marker to seize land to rule, which includes blocking people out and charging taxes. And then your enemies can roll up, smash your creations with siege engines, and leave them to slowly crumble away thanks to a new building decay system. What'd be the point of anything without an end?

Here, check the 0.3.1 patch notes for more detail on all that's that changed. This video shows a bit off too:

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Medieval Engineers is £14.99/18,99€/$19.99 on Steam Early Access.

Have you stuck with Medieval Engineers, or will you return? Space Engineers had much more of an immediate appeal - build weird spaceships and dick around - but the siege warfare of Medieval seems like it could be fun? In a world filled with Minecraftbuts, land-based crafty sandboxes are a harder sell to me.

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